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Marlena tries to guess Kristen’s password — September 3th 2013

Susan: Everything worked out like it was supposed to I’m with Edmond and your with John
Marlena: Yep
Susan: You two must have real bad whip lash. Your on again, off again, on again, off again
Marlena: I got it. But you know what we have had a rough patch but it’s given me perspective I know I belong with him. I always have!


They better not make Juliette’s baby be asshat guy it better be Avery.
We all know it’s a better chance it was Avery’s since they have done it more times still they better not pull that crap

Is anyone else a emotional wreck watching Juliette performance on Season three premiere of Nashville

Is that all you care about, money and applause? And sex, for which I generally get applause.

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